by High Morals

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released October 11, 2013



all rights reserved


High Morals Portland, Maine

High Morals is a couple of young men, trying to express themselves and have fun with some musical instruments.

Their names are Mike and Alex and they live in Portland, Maine.

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Track Name: My Cats Get Me, Y'know?
It's like I'm running out of candle to burn
Just when I find some more time
It's someone Else's turn

I try to change but I don't really learn
I do this all to myself

If two wrongs don't make a right
I must be doing something wrong
These limbs are bound to break
This family tree is not so strong

Time doesn't mean a thing
But i fear it's all I can bring
The ark filled up by talent and luck
I'm on the coast and I'm stuck
And i'm drowning out to sea

Save me.
Track Name: Thick Headed, Thin Skinned
Choking down my breath again
Or was that the words I said?
It's hard to tell these days
I can't watch everything I say

Perceptions make me sick
Nobody likes you when you're twenty-six
(Can't catch a break, can't get my fix)
All the small things adding up
burying what is already stuck
(Why am I so stuck?)

And when i look back to my early days
I wonder how i ended up this way

When did my flesh get so thin?
Locked out again and again
I'll go back and do the math
How the hell did I become so
Thick headed, thin skinned

Late nights have lost their appeal
I've got two hearts and that all I can feel for
Growing up has never felt like this
What have i learned
What will i miss

And when i look out to my later days
I can not end up this way
Track Name: Phantom
These joints can't hold this jaw
Mind, Body, and Heart
Spine's falling apart
(just pull the cord and I'll depart)

This plane's going down nose first
The tail end's crashed. it's over
(watching the ground come closer)

Blood from my ears, from my nose, from my coughing
Decomposing the notes
Falling apart as my skin slowly softens
All that remains a sore throat

And i can not breath
can't hold a note to save my life
please hold my hand i'm out of sight
And i can not see
Can't judge a book from a broken spine
Just leave me with my crooked life
Track Name: A Brief History of Time
It was a matter of time
And a matter of space
It was a matter of getting the bad taste
From my lips, from my tongue and from my teeth

Time hasn't stopped
And still I feel
So overwhelmed

The time is over
this spell i'm under
I just can't see between

Blinded by the
sense of failure
That damn light is all i see

Old lies die hard
I'm losing so much sleep
Old wives tales scar
My hearts more than bone deep

Keep moving forward